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Reverse engineering is an on-site service provided to end users which provide a number of benefits to the end user.

Obsolete products:

Many operations use machinery that the OEM no longer supports with spares. Alloy Technology can reverse engineer and supply wear parts that are no longer available through standard sources.

Enhance product life:

Many wear parts are supplied in a standard size and material in order to provide acceptable service across a wide variety of process applications. Alloy Technology specializes in customizing those products to provide optimum service in your specific operation – often at a lower cost than standard sources.

Overpriced spares:

When end users find themselves captive to one source, the prices they pay are often unreasonable. Alloy Technology’s reverse engineering and sourcing services give end users more sources at reasonable prices.

Shorter lead time:

Single sourced products often require long lead times. Since there is no competition there is little incentive to provide better service. Alloy Technology’s reverse engineering and sourcing services can cut lead times on critical spares by as much as 50%.